Right at the heart of it all is a respect for the ancient traditions of the smokehouse, often lost on modern-day smoked food which rely on speed and fat-cat profit. We’re set on the idea that fire,  first used in the cooking and flavouring of food over 400,000 years ago, is as much part of our historical taste-memory as it is a trend for the modern day. It deserves to be done right.

With this in our mind, we sell glorious smoked and cured deli products at vibrant food and farmers markets. We also serve up punchy, mouthwatering streetfood at buzzing summer venues and festivals. We love the process of reinvention that comes from stripping every recipe back to the bare essentials and then building it up and making it the very best it can be. Like we said, we’re on a quest to elevate your perceptions – with such a claim we’d better make sure we’re starting with something more than decent!

“Flavour-wise, it is right up there and rising. Probably the 4th greatest smokery in the world right now”
James Bailey, food aficionado and critic, Bermondsey

Our inspiration is drawn from the finest smokeries and cure-houses across the world. For our hero’s we look towards the far east, Scandinavia, Iceland, Eastern Europe and of course the best of those on our UK doorstep. And our cures? Well they come dry or wet, based on mineral-rich salts, and occasionally raw sugar. We don’t inject anything nasty in them. When we smoke stuff, we use real smoke from real fires from sustainable hardwoods to create a taste that is clean, nuanced and authentic. The flavours we use come from nature’s botanicals – predominantly juniper, bay leaf, citrus peel and black and white pepper, and on occasion coriander seed, cassia bark, Norwegian angelica and orris root.