About London Smoke & Cure

At London Smoke and Cure we take our time so that every product that ends up on your plate is the very best it can be – tasting fresh and with a character that shines with pure artisan heritage. More than anything we love the process of reinvention that comes from stripping every recipe back to the bare essentials and then building it back up again to make sure it is absolutely right. We use locally sourced and British ingredients throughout and insist that our suppliers uphold high standards of welfare and production.

From the beginning we set down our guiding principles to define our craft. Everything we do starts and ends with these goals:

  • To hand craft a product is a privilege not a burden
  • Authenticity and quality over profit
  • Love what we do, because that’s the point of it
  • Celebrate our customers because we’re in it together

With this in our mind, we sell glorious smoked and cured deli products at popular London farmers markets, to restaurants and retail outlets.


We also serve up punchy street food at buzzing summer events and private parties.  We take the tastiest organic lamb, beef and vegetables, marinate them in a rich blend of spices and smoke them at low temperatures throughout the night. And on the side? Think fresh, herb-based salads, handmade pickles and authentic corn bread all washed down with cool, house tonics. What’s not to like!

Find us weekly at the Crystal Palace Food Market and Myatt's Field Market and monthly at Catford Food Market.

London Smoke and Cure was established in 2015 by Ross Mitchell. Tucked away in a small smokehouse in a corner of Crystal Palace he loves bringing elements of craft and re-invention back to produce that is now so often highly mechanised. Despite the fast growing nature of the business Ross also loves talking to customers new and old. You can still contact him if you have a questions or enquiries – ross@londonsmokeandcure.co.uk

Thinking of using smoked and cured food in your own food business? See details of our approach to wholesale here.