The Salmon

The product which started our adventure in smoking, our sashimi-grade cold-smoked Scottish salmon, remains one of our best sellers. 

We take the same superior graded Scottish salmon that is used in the city’s very best sushi restaurants. Farmed in clear waters off Shetland, Orkney and the West Coast of Scotland, we typically start working with them just 16 hours after harvest. So our products are swimming on Monday, Cured on Tuesday, Smoked on Wednesday and you can have them as early as Thursday. No one else is able to get you smoked salmon that fresh.

We use only the best suppliers to ensure that the salmon and the farm environment are treated right like you’d expect and want them to. 

We cure our salmon with a simple blend of salt, juniper and sugar and apply this for a shorter time than is typical so the pure freshness of the sashimi-grade salmon remains. Using a blend of English oak and beech, and  heather that we forage ourselves from Dartmoor, we also under-smoke our salmon so the end result is always light, moist, fresh and exceptionally buttery. Finally, we cut it thick so it’s as close to premium sashimi as you could hope to get to with smoked salmon. 

Outrageous smoked salmon... eating is believing
— Stirred Travel luxury cooking holidays
The monthly bacon is divine!!!
— Louisa

The Bacon

There are two reasons why our bacon is better than most around. 

Firstly, we use a superb supplier, a co-operative of family farms based in North Yorkshire. Here we use predominantly native breed pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pork, farmed responsibly and free range. These beautiful animals, described by the The British Pig Association as "a large meaty animal with a broad and deep body and large hams" also has a fantastic depth of flavour to its fat, perfect for a premium product. 

Secondly, it’s what we do to it. Of course, we don’t inject any water into the product, opting instead to slowly dry-cure our pork. But more than that, we choose to air-dry our bacon for three to five weeks meaning it takes on a deeper, more concentrated and funky flavour. We’re aiming to make it a million miles away from the bacon peddled in supermarkets.


The Charcuterie

Setting the tone for the recent growth in interest in British charcuterie, we take the same quality of responsibly sourced meat as we use with our bacon. Our charcuterie is our most technical expression of what we do and we love the patience required to slowly mature these products to perfection. Producing whole muscles or salami, we’ve developed a beautifully complementary range of products from snacking sticks through to whole aged hams that will delight and surprise. 

All of our products start their journey being gently cured in salts and sugars and a delicate balance of natural herbs and spices. Whole muscles like our London Standard Coppa for example, are then air-dried in our ageing room for up to 5 months to intensify their flavour and make them perfect for slicing thinly and sharing with friends. 

Our salamis, expertly blended, hand tied and fermented, embrace everything we are as a company: great quality ingredients, artisan processes, patience. Always with a focus on highlighting the flavour of the pork, lamb or beef that we use, these air dried sausages give that fresh take on traditional European products, whilst being proudly made in urban, bustling London.

That’s the best Nduja I’ve tasted for a long time
— Owen, Executive Chef
I’m back again. You know what I want!
— Mark, Crystal Palace Food Market customer.

The Dairy

Coming in at close to 30kgs, we source our whole cheddars from Ford Farm, made on the Ashley Chase Estate in Dorset. The cheese is made from the milk of the Estate’s own herds or from local Dorset farms within a thirty mile radius, and it is this strict local provenance of the milk that ensures the cheese can be awarded the coveted PDO status of West Country Farmhouse Cheddar. 

The farm uses skilled hand production at every stage which closely complements our own approach. When ready the cheeses are taken 200ft below to caves in the Mendip Hills to finish their maturation and develop that desired combination of rich, complex and buttery notes. 

We smoke these cheddars twice over oak and beech and mature them for a further month to allow those smokey flavours to round out and penetrate the cheese. A 2018 Cheese Cup runner-up.