Luxury Cheese Feasting Hamper

Luxury Cheese Feasting Hamper


Love Cheese more than you like to admit? Having all the family round and need something to satisfy the clan? This extra large luxury cheese feasting hamper is for you.

Focusing on the very best in stock from our handmade and artisan cheese range, this box goes that extra mile, all presented in a beautiful, solid pine case.

Taking cheeses from award winning dairies across the UK and abroad, your Luxury Cheese Feasting Hamper will include the best of what's available. The cheeses we have available may vary but will typically include:

  • Award winning Lancashire Bomb (min. 470g)

  • Award winning Twice-smoked Cave-aged Cheddar (min. 170g)

  • 18-month Jura Comte (200g)

  • Award Winning Colston Basset Stilton or Fourme D’ambert (200g)

  • Award Winning Brie de Meaux (250g)

  • St Marcellin (80g)

  • Langres (washed rind) (180g)

  • Brique des Cazelles (sheep) (180g)

  • Award winning Sainte Maure de Touraine A.O.C. (goat) (250g)

  • Award Winning Renegade Monk (washed rind blue)

  • Orkney Oatcakes (2 x 100g)

  • Millers Damsel Butter Milk Biscuits (125g)

  • Damson or Quince Cheese (180g)

  • Solid Wood case

Sometimes the cheeses we supply become unavailable at short notice, in whihc case equivalent (or better) replacements may be made. Please add a note at checkout if you have specific preferences.

If you are buying this as a gift you will be able to add the gift recipient’s name and address at checkout.

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