Smoke School Workshop Series

Smoke School Workshop Series


For the enthusiasts:

Save £50 by booking all three of our workshops at once for the special price of £235 and gain a comprehensive understanding to the art of smoking and curing.

These workshops will show you three different approaches to producing cured meats and will give you all the knowledge you need to be able to make exceptional quality produce in your own home.

During the Makin’ Bacon workshop you will learn about the cuts used to make streaky and back bacon and how to butcher, cure and dry them. You will take home a couple of big chunks of bacon to dry in your fridge, along with the spare ribs and a belly full of bacon sandwiches.

In the Smoke, Cure and Cook workshop we'll provide you with an introduction to how to apply salt and smoke to products to gently enhance their flavour. Over the course of the session we will then prepare, cook and eat the legendary salt beef Reuben sandwich. At the end of the lesson you'll walk away with a slab of your own cured salt beef, a pot of fresh pickles and a belly full of delicious food. 

At the Salami Sessions workshop we’ll take you through the many steps needed to make your own fermented and air-dried, large-format salami. From pork to butchery, mincing, filling, fermenting and drying, this in-depth course will make you a true salami master. Once it has dried in our cure chamber we’ll send you a 1kg salami made with your own fair hands.

After booking please contact us to arrange specific dates for each of the three courses.

If the booking is for a gift, at the checkout you are welcome to leave a gift message (e.g. ‘Dear Jerome, this is a way lavish gift, i’d better not get another book voucher on my own birthday! Love Trixie xx) where upon we can generate a voucher for the recipient to redeem for a date that suits.

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