6 Month Bacon Subscription inc. free delivery

6 Month Bacon Subscription inc. free delivery

from 49.95

Imagine a world where every month a large pack of exceptional handmade bacon gets posted directly to your door. Well, with our monthly bacon subscription you can achieve that dream. 

Each month you'll be sent a pack of our premium bacon. Our bacons are some of the finest produced anywhere in the country. We only use native breeds of pig that have been raised free range, organically and sustainably from estates in Kent and Yorkshire.

We then very slowly dry-cure our pork using a delicate blend of natural salts and botanicals before air drying and smoking, a process that typically takes up to 4 weeks to complete.

Across the subscription period you will receive smoked and unsmoked bacon made with the following cures:

Traditional - Dry-cured with pepper, juniper and bay. This is superbly flavoured, traditional bacon.

Maple-cured -Dry-cured with additional pure maple syrup. A slightly sweeter bacon.

London Black -Dry-cured with pepper, juniper and bay, pickled in molasses and London Porter beer. A tangy, savoury bacon. One of our favourites.

If you purchase the Standard subscription each pack of bacon you receive will have a minimum weight of 180g. If 180g isn’t quite enough then choose the Double Up subscription to receive our superb value 360g pack each month.

Alternatively if you would like to subscribe on an ongoing basis then check out our monthly subscription.

If you are buying this as a gift you will be able to add the gift recipient’s name and address at checkout.

Please note: we aim to dispatch all bacon subscriptions, including gift subscriptions, in the third week of each month.

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