Top to Tail Christmas Day Hamper (Incl free cookbook)

Top to Tail Christmas Day Hamper (Incl free cookbook)


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*Includes free South London Cookbook*

Everything you need to elevate your festive day feast from something special to something exceptional, with this complete box covering starter, main and cheese course.

Included is a half side of our renowned sashimi-grade cold smoked Scottish salmon with buttermilk biscuits and a generous double portion of fresh smoked salmon pate.

Lift your turkey main with a little smoked duck fat to add to your roast potatoes (wow!), a jar of premium cranberry sauce, and our smoked traditional streaky bacon to either wrap around your sausages, or lay it in a lattice over your beautiful bird.

To conclude we’ve got a selection of fine cheese that’ll set you up for the afternoon food coma you’re seeking.

All of this is contained in a large pine case and on top of all that we’re putting in a copy of our South London Cookbook for free!

Included in your hamper:

  • Sashimi-grade cold smoked salmon (half side)

  • 2 x Smoked salmon Pate (400g)

  • Miller Damsel Buttermilk biscuits (125g)

  • Native breed traditional smoked streaky bacon (180g)

  • Rosebud Preserves Cranberry Sauce with Port

  • Smoked Duck fat (100g)

  • Colston Basset Stilton / Fourme D’Ambert blue (180g)

  • Brie de Meaux (250g)

  • Lancashire Bomb (470g)

  • Saint Maure de Torraine ashed goat log (250g)

  • Orkney Thin Oastcakes (100g)

  • Large pinewood case

  • South London Cookbook (free)

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