Steak saltbeef Rueben on sourdough

Grass-fed English beef cured over 7 days and slow cooked till tender. Served with island dressing, saurkraut, pickles, cheese and mustard and served on skillet sourdough.

Tasting note
Awesome meaty, cheesy pickley-ness. Fills your belly. Walk away smiling.

Smoked Chicken flatbreads

The finest chicken breast from our deli range is used to make this fresh lunch treat. Served with salad, dill dressing, pickles, and a mild hot sauce.

Tasting note
Fresh, subtle, satisfying.  Drink it with the beer you smuggled into the festival.

Smoked and honey roasted gammon

Quality English pork leg, cured in a cinnamon and citrus brine, cold smoked and honey roasted, shredded and stacked on brioche. Served with thick apple sauce, onion crackles, watercress and mustard mayo. The pulled pork sandwich just got better!

Tasting note
Pork in its most delicious guise with the perfect balance of fat, salt and sugar, a.k.a. The Un-Holy Trinity. Drink with cider, obviously.


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