London Smoke and Cure is an exciting local smokehouse in a happening little corner of London, the greatest culinary city in the world. We produce awesome smoked and cured foods, and with them we’re on a mission to elevate your perception of what food can be. No more plastic, mass produced, overly-salted, dry, drab imitations -  this is the real deal. This is no fuss, straight to the point great tasting food and we’re proud that our recipes honour the great traditions of our smokehouse ancestors. True artisan heritage.

Everything is fresh, everything is prime, everything is delicious, guaranteed. The value we place on this informs all that we do, which is why everything is made to order by us and to our exacting standards. From source through to production and packaging, across our deli and streetfood operations, nothing we produce lacks integrity, will have been treated badly, or contains hidden nasty ingredients. It’s all as straight-up awesome as it’s possible to get.

We’ve grown our business locally for we are nothing without the support of our community. We use British ingredients wherever possible and every product is made by hand. We’re confident that our products and streetfood are the very best around, and we’re proud to be based in the friendly neighbourhood of Crystal Palace, London.

“An extraordinary little business tucked away in a vibrant corner of South-east London. Catch them before they realise they can charge more.” 4.5 stars
“I’m addicted - that smoked nut butter is like food crack” Laura, Crystal Palace market manager
“I didn’t expect to find such food on a street in Croydon.  I love this place. I’m not even sure what it is, and I still love it! Its like a crab shack meets pop-up brewery meets Neals Yard for streetfood.” Passer by, Croydon