Cold smoked Scottish Salmon (Sashimi Grade 刺身)

Cold smoked Scottish Salmon (Sashimi Grade 刺身)

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King of a celebratory meal, yet simple enough to eat every day. Highest grade Scottish salmon that is under-cured and under-smoked so that it’s as close to sashimi as possible. Cured in our own blend of juniper-infused salt and gently smoked over beech, oak and heather for a subtle, clean flavour.  Sliced thickly for a firmer, more pleasant texture.

Try it…served simply on good bread with crème fraîche and the tiniest hint of horseradish or dill.

Please note: of all our products this is our very freshest. We make it to order so where possible we encourage orders to be placed by Monday for delivery on Friday. Swimming in a loch in Scotland on a Monday and then cured, smoked and dispatched to you within 72 hours - that’s what makes the difference.

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