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Crafted with Salt, Smoke and Time

About London Smoke & Cure

An extraordinary little business tucked away in a vibrant corner of south-east London. Catch them before they realise they can charge more.
— Orla Beau

At London Smoke and Cure we handcraft small batches of smoked and cured foods of exceptional quality. We believe in produce that honours our great smokehouse traditions whilst satisfying our modern tastes for food that is fresher, less salty and altogether more interesting. If you’re interested in London’s freshest cold smoked salmon, dry-cured organic bacon, smoked chicken and duck or award-winning nut butters then you’ll find these and much more in our shop.


Street Food & Markets

We’re more than just a food producer, we love to serve it up too at little events and festivals across the UK. 

Three years in and our street food is focused on one thing – succulent, slow-smoked, meats. We take the tastiest organic lamb and beef cuts, marinate them in a rich blend of spices and smoke them at low temperatures throughout the night.  And on the side? Think fresh, herb-based salads, handmade pickles and authentic corn bread all washed down with cool, house tonics.

You can also find us selling our smoked and cured produce weekly at the Crystal Palace Food Market and Myatt's Field Market and monthly at Catford Food Market.


Check out our social media channels for our next appearance, use the contact form on the right or contact Ross at or 07837 838 241.

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