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Crafted with Salt, Smoke and Time

London Smoke & Cure

Welcome to London Smoke & Cure where we specialise in handmade sashimi-grade cold-smoked salmon, rare breed bacon and the finest British charcuterie.  

We believe in one thing:  creating food that makes you feel just that little bit more alive. 

We’re on an exciting journey deep into ethical, highly crafted, modern food. We’d love for you to join us. 



Our Products

Our approach to our craft has always been to take traditional techniques and update these for the modern palate. For us that means food that is fresher, less salty, and more delicately balanced with smoked or natural flavours. 

We put time into responsibly sourcing our produce so not only is it packed full of flavour, we also know that it has been well reared and cared for. We should all eat a little less meat, so let’s make sure that what we eat is the best we can get. 


We love this quintessentially British produce and delight in its presence on the menu at Quo Vadis.
— Jeremy Lee


Smoke School

Great food is about more than just the product, it’s about the experience. Be that cooking for friends or dining at a great holiday restaurant, food should leave you with memories as well as a full belly. Our series of Smoke School masterclass workshops are designed to do just that. 

Across the Smoke School sessions our aim is to give you all the knowledge and skills needed to make award winning products. We focus on rolling our sleeves up and getting fully involved - the lessons are always a lot of fun. 


Kate and I had a fantastic day and can’t wait to eat our bacon in a few days from now.
— Chris


Bacon & Charcuterie Subscriptions

Our subscription packs are designed to give you a little boost just in time for the weekend.

Containing a selection of our award winning produce, you or your loved one will receive your package directly through your door, beautifully packaged and with an information card giving you the lowdown on where your produce is sourced from.


The gift that keeps on giving. The look on my man’s face when he recieves this was just what i wanted - thank you!
— Jane