Monthly Bacon Subscription inc. free delivery

Monthly Bacon Subscription inc. free delivery

from 4.95

from £4.95 for the first 3 months for our 180g Classic Pack or £7.95 for our Double Up 360g pack.

New offer: Double up! Receive a 360g pack each month for just £3 extra!

Imagine a world where every month a large pack of exceptional handmade bacon gets posted directly to your door. Well, with our monthly bacon subscription you can achieve that dream. 

Each month you'll be sent a pack of our premium bacon. Our bacons are held up as some of the finest produced in the country. We only use native breeds of pork that have been responsibly reared on free range estates in North Yorkshire. 

We then very slowly dry-cure our pork using a delicate blend of natural salts and botanicals before air drying and smoking, a process that takes four to seven weeks to complete.

Across your subscription period you will receive bacons from our core range as well as exclusive bacons only available to our subscription customers. 

The Classic Pack Subscription will have a minimum weight of 180g, the Double Up Pack Subscription will have a minimum weight of 360g.

Introductory Offer!

We offer the first three months of your subscription at a discounted rate, so your bacon will only cost £4.95 per month (£6.95 per month thereafter).

After clicking one of the buttons below it will take you to the checkout of Subbly, our subscription partner. Please make sure that the baconbonus coupon is entered at checkout to receive your three month discount.

Alternatively if you would like to subscribe for a full 6 months then check out our 6 month subscription.

Please note: we aim to dispatch all bacon subscriptions, including gift subscriptions, in the third week of each month.

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