Dry-Cured Free Range Bacon

Dry-Cured Free Range Bacon


Our bacons are held up as some of the finest produced in the country. We only use native breeds of pork that have been responsibly reared on free range estates in North Yorkshire. 

Slowly dry-cured with a delicate blend of salts and botanicals before air drying and smoking, our  process typically takes up to 4 to 7 weeks to complete. Unheard of amongst our bacon making competitors but, oh my, what flavour opportunities they are missing!

We have two varieties of back and streaky bacon to choose from: 

Traditional Smoked Back and Streaky Bacon.

Dry-cured with pepper, juniper and bay. Air-dried and smoked over oak and beech wood.. Superbly flavoured traditional bacon. 

Min. 180g packs

London Black Smoked Back and Streaky Bacon

Dry-cured with pepper, juniper and bay. Pickled in molasses and London Porter beer. Air-dried and smoked over oak and beech wood. A tangy savoury-sweet bacon with added smoke complexity. One of our favourites.

Min. 180g packs

We also sell packs of mixed lardons. Our lardons are made using a mix of the above varieties and make a superb base to stews or for adding to carbonara.

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